How long would 10GB last me?

Hey, I’m new to replit, can you tell me if its possible to measure roughly how long the 10GB will last me?

yeah just go to account and then scroll to outbound data transfer, the record is for the past days in the month so you can calculate by outbound_transfer/current_day_of_month for approx per day average then multiply by 30/31

Hey, @NiharRaval1, welcome to Ask. Mark your answer as "solution". I think you're talking about Egress. Adding to bigminiboss...

(Sorry for the math lol but I have answers at the end)
1 GiB is 1.07GB
so assuming you have the free plan, you get 10GiB so…
10.7GB (not GiB) which translates to 10700MB which resets every month, right, so you get 31 days

10700/31 is about 345

You get 345MB per day which will last you 31 days but if you use less then you get more for later. I also did the calculations for the other plans:

  • ~0.3GiB per day for Free

  • ~1.6GiB per day for Hacker

  • ~3.3GiB per day for Pro