How is the amount of storage a repl uses calculated?

I was making a tool to easily delete repls taking a high amount of storage so I used grabbed the graphql query replit uses. When I went through the data in the currentUser.storageInfo.accountStorageUtilization.perReplarray, I noticed that for each repl in it, currentUser.storageInfo.accountStorageUtilization.perRepl[<index>].usagewas not equal to the actual storage displayed when going to the repl link or when viewing it here:

So, i’m wondering, what method does Replit use to get the storage? I was thinking that maybe it just used the storage from a repl query, but looking through the browser requests, that didn’t seem to be the case.


Unrelated: ironic how the repl which takes the most storage is the one i’m making to delete repls which take a lot of storage…

This is an interesting question

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Nevermind, I found the solution:
usage is the number of bytes the repl uses. Replit converts this to GiB to get the displayed value.


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