How install fonts in replit

I need noto cjk font in program,but this font is not in the system,how can I install this font?

Do you want it for the IDE or for a project of yours?

If you want to use it in your application use or if you want it in repl create a custom theme using Theme-Viewer - Replit

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Hey @fuexplorer! Welcome to the community!

Custom fonts in the Replit website aren’t currently available. You can create a feature request at #feature-requests if you want.

If you want to install fonts in a website, you can use to find a font you like as @techwithanirudh suggested.

Then, you can add it via @import in your .css file:

@import url('');

You can also download the font and upload it into your Repl. Then import it using @font-facein your .css file:

@font-face {
    font-family: "CUSTOM FONT FAMILY";
    src: url("PATH/TO/FONT-FILE");

Hope this helps!


Yes,I think it works

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@fuexplorer If @savardo solution works mark it as solution
I think this is the solution for your problem

There is no current feature to replace fonts, You can create a extension for your browser with Google Fonts which implements it (I don’t remember if it violates the ToS so you can check it in

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Thanks you all.I will try @savardo suggestions to see if it work

google font works well