How have you liked Replit creates?

How have you liked Replit creates?
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If you have an idea for a future poll dm the idea.

I feel like lots of people would enjoy it but the prompts are either too broad or too specific, and I don’t have the time to make all of these gadgets

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This is good feedback. In your opinion what do you think would improve the challenge?

For example is there a need for a 15 min challenge, 1 hour challenge, 24 hour challenge option for each day?

I think maybe having the prompt change every second day or so would be good, or a bonus weekly challenge. More specific but not too specific themes would be great too, like Kajam’s theming.

I think that the idea is that you don’t have to submit a solution every day. I’ve submitted zero some days and two the next, depending on my workload.

The bonus weekly challenge sounds good. What kind of thing would you imagine as a bonus challenge? Something more tricky or extending your code in one of the other prompts?

I think the prompts are way too vague. In some ways, that’s a good thing and encourages creativity (such as the emoji prompt, the aging prompt). But, in other ways it could be absolutely anything (the random prompt).

Maybe something that combines every prompt that happened that week, E.g. Make a bad website that ages with emojis :exploding_head: