How exactly do deployments work?

So, how do/will deployments work? Its not very clear from what I can find, so can anyone answer the following:
1: what do deployments do,
2: Will they be needed to host websites after jan 1, and finally
3: how do you deploy a repl, and what kind of programs can be deployed?

  1. Deployments allow you to host your code for production without any changes to the Repl in the workspace affecting the deployment until you re-deploy.

  2. Yes, they will. When in the IDE however, you can view your development website with a domain (opposed to the domain with deployed websites)

  3. You can use the Deployments tool, and any program can be deployed basically :slight_smile:


Ok, thanks. Still confused about how to get them working, but less confused.

You can have a look at the Replit Docs if you’re still a bit confused:


If you want to deploy a project, go to your project. You should be able to press the deployments button in the tools section and choose which deployment option you want to do.

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