How does this code not work?

How dees this code not work ?
my replit Link : Join Lucaskng1's "CASINO" - Replit
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You shouldn’t post the join link to your Repl, it means literally anyone who sees that link can edit your Repl. This is the link you should use: Because you posted the join link I was able to directly edit your Repl. Try looking here: Intro to and here: Quickstart discord bot

For the event, you have to create the function for what it does

right. sorry :sweat_smile: You know how to fix my code ? doesnt seem to be working ?

wut ? :thinking: you mean add a function after @client.event ?

Actually there’s quite a few wrong things about it,
I’ll keep it simple for now

First up, the bot variable needs to be an instance
of the class Client, not just a reference, so:

bot = discord.Client()

Now as that’s out of the way you have placed an empty decorator
at line 5, decorators are meant to… Decorate functions, it’s
basically a function which takes a function as its argument

Well I never done using the imperative method,
your code should be similar to this:

import discord

bot = discord.Client()

def on_ready():
    print("I am ready!")"your-bot-token")

Not sure if this works, but should be
something like it

Although refer to the docs,
here’s the part about Client.event


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