How do you like to say "Hello, world?"

Every time I see a beginner programmer here say “Hello, world!” in some way, they always say it with different capitalization and punctuation than everyone else. How did you say it when you were first starting out? I’m interested to see the results!

  • hello world
  • hello, world
  • hello world.
  • hello, world.
  • hello world!
  • hello, world!
  • Hello world
  • Hello, world
  • Hello world.
  • Hello, world.
  • Hello world!
  • Hello, world!
  • hello World
  • hello, World
  • hello World.
  • hello, World.
  • hello World!
  • hello, World!
  • Hello World
  • Some way not listed here

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I prefer to say “hello world!!”, it’s like the basic version but more exciting

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None of those, I do this.

Hello, World!


I just write Hello World!

I use Hello world? because I’m always uncertain as to whether my code will actually work

Hello, world! is the correct way to say it IMO.

WikiPedia says that it’s “Hello, World!” is the correct way (I think)

Wikipedia is only 80% accurate.

And I am only 75% accurate :laughing:.

@CoderElijah Uhh… dude:

I think it does exist.

So that statement by Wikipedia was only 60% accurate?

“Hello, World!” (Not on there) or “Hello, world!”

“hello” doesn’t even look like a word anymore

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Well if you go to the hello world collection (or know K&R) the way it did it was “hello, world” (and a newline added, because it was in C). So there’s no ‘correct’ way, maybe some have a preference to one or another, but again there’s no correct way.
It think WikiPedia prefers “Hello, World!” perhaps because it’s the most ‘grammatically correct’ but IDK, I don’t remember “World” being a proper noun

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Not really. “world” doesn’t need to be capitalized. It can, but doesn’t have to be.

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That’s what I meant when I wrote

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Yep and thats how I like to use it.

What way isn’t listed here :laughing:

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Oh I forgot this is how I say hello world:


this is how I print “Hello World” (actually it is “H3110 W071D”)


What’s that? A bacon cipher?

The esoteric language whitespace. Search it up.

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