How do you know if the bounty hunter had actually started?

I recently posted a bounty and accepted an application, but even after sending an email to the hunter, they have not told me if they have started. I know to be patient, but after emailing them at their email if they have started they have not responded. Is there any other way to know if they have started working on it or even seen it?

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Hey, @RiverdaleSuperCoder welcome to the forums!

This is not possible. I recommend emailing about this


Make sure to give at least an entire 24 hours for them to respond since they may line in a different timezone meaning you might email them in the middle of the night in their timezone (I live in Australia so whenever I get an email from the poster it comes late at night so there’s a roughly 12 hour delay before my response, then another 12 because the poster is asleep by the time I respond). If you’ve given around three business days it’s worth contacting Replit support.


I waited 4 normal days, 1 weekend day included.