How do you get things by your name like 'Guidance Counselor' or 'leader'

Do you just have to do certain stuff to make it pop up or is it just for being in the community for a longer time. My guess is that it comes from achievements.

If you know or if I’m correct please notify me

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If I am not wrong some badges have an option to make it your title.


ok, interesting. . . .

guidance counselor is when you get 10 solutions you can then go to badge and make it your title. Leader is like literally 5 people who were entrusted with special powers (TL4) so it’s possible just difficult


@bigminiboss how did you get ‘Know-it-All’ beside your name?

I believe Know it all has the title option. I may be wrong.

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Know it All is for 50 solutions. Note that solutions on your own topics don’t count towards this


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