How do you fix unindent indentation error

how do you fix this error:

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	while not(len(word) == 5):
		write = open("words.txt", "w").write("brake\nbreak\napple\ngrape\nchair\ngrain\nhorse\nshark\ntrain\ntrail\ncrown\nqueen\nsouth\nnorth\nocean\nprint\nsword\ntable\nalien\njesus\ncouch\nbrand\nstore\ngreat\nsuper\nframe\nimage\nseven\nboard\nstink\nenter\nlevel\nshell\nspoon\nforks\npaper\nknife\nmouse\nriver\nhouse\nstart\npixel\nforce\nwatch\nlater")
    lines = len(open("words.txt").readlines())
    line = random.randint(0,lines) 
    mincol = line * 6
    maxcol = mincol + 5
    read = open("words.txt").read()
    word = open("words.txt").read()[mincol:maxcol]
    file = open("words.txt").close()
code snippet

This is a problem when you are using tabs and also spaces. You have to use one or the other. Your first two lines are using tabs, whereas the rest are using 4 spaces.

edit: looking at the full code, it looks like the whole program is using tabs, but the section from lines 56-62 are using 4 spaces. So maybe the person who first did the code was using tabs, but then another person added to it and used spaces. It is one reason I make all my students set up their settings to use spaces and 4 spaces per indent, so we’re all on the same page for indents.


yeah yesterday in setting i change my indent type from tabs to spaces

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