How do you enable both the console and output tabs in a published repl?

I’m using matplotlib for the program. I’ve published the repl but it doesn’t seem like the console is getting displayed at all. I want both the output and console tabs to be displayed so that the user can interact with the console and be able to view the matplotlib chart in the output tab.

Hey @shadowalpha197, welcome to the community!

The output tab is what you see on the cover page. However, there isn’t any way to see the console from the cover page.

For now, a workaround is for the viewer to fork the Repl and see the console from there.

If you would like, you can create a feature request in the #support:feature-requests category.


@savardo thanks! But for my other programs the console is the only one which appears. For this one, where I have both output and console tabs required, only the output tab is there in the published repl.

Picture of where i’m editing my code and testing it.

Picture of the published repl with only the output screen

Yes, this is what @savardo was talking about.

If you have a Repl with an output and it only shows a console on the cover page, that may be a bug.

If the Repl has displayed the output tab or has it by default, it will show the output on the cover page.

I don’t know if there’s a way to forcefully turn it off though.

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@QwertyQwerty88 @savardo okay then. Thanks. So do I report this on the ‘Bug Reports’ page?

You can create a feature request in #support:feature-requests to have the option to forcefully use a specific tab in your cover page.

You can also create a report in #support:bug-reports to not show the output if the output is not used in the Repl.

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I think you could have worded that better.

Should be more like:

You can create a feature request in #support:feature-requests to have the option to choose which tabs get shown in your cover page, and the option to show multiple tabs.

Because this makes it more clear he wants to show both the output and the console.

I think we both misunderstood OP here, I don’t think (s)he was actually facing any bugs.