How do you download replit folders to your system?

Is there any way that you can download folders from replit? I see that there is a option for uploading files, but none for downloading.

Unfortunately you cant download specific folders but you can download an entire repl. Click the the 3 dots in the file explorer and pres Download as zip

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Thanks! I’ll try doing that!

You actually can download a specific folder.

  1. Run zip in the shell and install it
  2. Type zip yourFolder and change yourFolder with the name of the folder you want to download
  3. Three dots next to the generated ZIP file and click Download

I’d like to point out that this downloads the FULL repl, including all the packages and the vm’s file (I think) and instead of “200mb” it turns out as 1gb… That’s a lot of data being used.

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Never knew that. Good to know. Thought 1GB is still not too much so if you just need one folder you can move that one folder and delete the rest.

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