How do we use ghostwriter?

my 9-year-old is trying to use it, and it just doesn’t work. you can type your comment about bubble sort but it doesn’t do anything. there’s no green button to click to use ghostwriter. but it does seem active in the pane on the right, like there are ghostwriter options.

Welcome to Replit Ask! The minimum age to use Replit is 13, I believe.


Although there is a form parents can fill out so their child(ren) under 13 can use Replit. Schools are also allowed to use Teams for EDU for students under 13.

Edit: As @bigminiboss mentioned, you must be 13 to use social features like commenting, publishing, etc. You can code in Replit at any age.

@9pfs1 I think you can use it with parent permission because I think the minimum 13+ rule is because of COPPA laws or something IDK I might check later.

@ElliotShentrup Ghostwriter is a paid feature and if you bought it, then go to the tab. It should look something like this: This screenshot isn’t from me
Screenshot 2023-04-23 2.27.14 PM

So if you put in a prompt, how does it not work? If you didn’t buy it, then you get a set amount of free prompts.
Screenshot 2023-04-23 2.31.01 PM
If you use them all, then you get this error which could be why there is no send/“green button.” Can I get a screenshot or something as that would help?

Did you just use all of your prompts for that screenshot?

You get a random amount of free prompts which varies from user to user. The highest I’ve seen is 25 and the lowest I’ve seen is 5.

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I have 25 of them, and I’m not using any.


Yeah, lol, I used them up for this because I used to save them dearly but really, it’s just Replit’s way of putting OpenAI in Replit and getting money from it. I used 1 before but JayAySeaOhBee didn’t use any.

BTW I got 15 prompts, I used them up in one of my projects and I realized that you SPECIFICALLY have to tell Ghostwriter where to look for code. It’s honestly easier to just feed it code and tell it to act on that.

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You should request a refund…

I wonder how long it’ll be before people just use an AI thing instead of calling 911 when something goes wrong

hey there’s quite a few people saying your son can’t use replit. However, IIRC it’s only the social feature and he can use replit’d IDE at any age :D. Also, if you want ghostwriter, you either have to pay for pro (20 dollars a month or 220 dollars a year) or use the free limited trial