How do I use imported images in the CMU Graphics template?

I’m storing image links in an array because I used them later on in my program, but they throw an error when used. I tried downloading the images and using the file source into the img src property but it also threw an error. Can you even use images at all in the template?
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You have to change the main image store for this to work.


Change to your local files:

MainImageStorage = [

The same thing when you are referencing the source for the initial image load

#Character Pic
AnimatedFrame= Star(200,150,90,40)
AnimatedSpikes= Star(200,150,90,20)
AnimatedImageBorder= Circle(200,150,80)

You change the app.image to:

app.image = Image(MainImageStorage[0], 130, 80)

MainImageStorage[0] references the first element in the MainImageStorage array, which, after we updated the array paths, now points to the local file path images/cleo.png.


I’ll try that. Thanks!

It works! That was helpful.

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