How do I update the node version in my Repl?

I have a repl with next.js.

If I enter node --version I get v12.22.10

I am trying to use the current version of Chakra, which, as I understand it, requires a node version greater than 12.

How do I update my node version?

12.22 > 12. It should be fine XD

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Well, I should have been clear. I meant greater than 12.x.x, as in 14.X.X or 16.x.x

And my next.js app with Chakra doesn’t work because of it.

Try creating a new node repl, then copying the .replit and replit.nix files to your old one. This should make it the latest version on replit. Might need to do even more config for a later version.

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Hey, that’s a good idea. Thanks very much!


How do I get a new node repl?

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Create new Repl and select the Node template