How do i turn a private repl in teams for education into a public one

I wanted to turn a private repl in teams for education into a public repl because in it says Private by default which means you can turn it into a public repl but how?

I don’t understand why you would want to make a Teams for EDU Repl public.

I just wonder how to do it.

Well, I don’t think it’s possible as… There’s no reason to.

But maybe someone with Teams for EDU can prove me wrong - I’ve never used it.

I found the answer you don’t create a project in the team except you create the project as normal just open the owner drop down then select the team’s username.

You can do it within the Repl itself.

No it’s different with the educator account

I use Teams for Education. Yes, it does if you make the Repl outside of the lesson creation menu.

Yup, That’s the answer i figured out.

Thanks for this @iceylogo and I’m glad you worked out the solution.

Just in case this is useful for others in the future I wanted to post a slightly longer explanation:

Teams for Edu uses a specific kind of Repl, called a project, which can be duplicated to all students in the Team. These are private by default.

As an educator in the team, if you wanted to change any of these projects into public Repls you can open up a project Repl for editing and then fork it into your own account.

You can find out more about Teams for Education in our docs here


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