How do I store data inputed by other users?

I would like to save a log of what other users type into my app. (Python)

with open("log.txt","a") as f:

Unfortunately it is not that simple, and doesn’t store other users inputs, and I would like to know what the most beginner friendly way of doing this is.

either use an external database like Mongo Atlas, or make a website using Flask and create a POST route where it sends the message body to the file

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I will try those

It might be easiest to just use Replit’s built-in database which can be used like a dictionary.

from replit import db

db["key"] = "value"
db["username"] = {
	"some data": 123,
	"other data": True

@RatoGBM you can have more infos here.


Again, you would have to make it a website so everyone’s using the same DB