How do I start coding help me

How do I start
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Hey @HamiduTahiru, welcome to the forums!

I recommend you use the 100 days of code course by Replit!


Do the 100days course, it is great. And ask for help here when needed.
Once you are done that … we can all give you crazy idea of project to do.
Then the best guys can try bounties.
Then the best guys can try to do some jobs for some crazy companies (i might have a few sooner than later)


Hello @HamiduTahiru
Welcome to the community
If you are the beginning I would recommend you should do C/C++
If you already know a programming language you should learn Python/Java/JavaScript

Hey @HamiduTahiru! Welcome to the coding community!

You can start by looking at Replit’s Python Course of 100 Days of Code like what @QwertyQwerty88 and @whileTRUEpass has mentioned.

You can also follow the Official Python’s guide to get started here: Python For Beginners |