How do I show the Nix console instead of the output when running from the project page?

I have made a tiny small operating system with python, but when I try to run it using the project page I only get a black output screen. How do I show the console output instead of the output?

This is the project:

I hope someone can help me. I already tried putting a print() at the beginning of the code but it still won’t show the console.

Hi @DENSONLINE , welcome to the forums!
Does your repl use the Console or Output?

It uses both but mainly the console. I have (had but removed it because I thought it was cousing the issue) a firefox command and I want it to open in a new window in output. Is this possible?

As it currently stands, you cannot use the both the Output and Console on a Repl’s cover page, you have to choose one or the other.

You can also vote on this feature request for the console to be available even when there is GUI/VNC output:

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How about if it only uses console and never uses output?

I got a few repls experiencing the same issue, just that it never use output at all I just accidentally got some package added and then removed

Somehow it just liked to exchange your console with an output that never changes, I don’t even know why

that would be a great idea but i want it to be able to use any web browser. Is it maybe possible to show the console in output?

How do i choose between output and console? And is it maybe possible to show the console in output?

I assume you’d have to disable whatever is using Output to get it back to just the console.

Not currently, which is why I suggested voting on that feature request.

I deleted all applications which are using Output but it still won’t show the Console.