How do I set up the config files for a Spring Boot project?

I am following a tutorial to learn about java web applications, and the person who made the tutorial used spring boot to make a project. They used IntelliJ as their IDE, but I want to use replit. I imported the project folder into a blank repl, but was confused with how to set up the .replit and replit.nix files for the project, even after I had read the files and looked at the resources. Does anyone know what I have to do?

Here is the project url:

Hi @LegoWizardCode!

I recommend you just use the official Java template instead of trying to manually set it up yourself.

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So the java template works for projects right out of the spring initializr?

Ok so I’ve done a bit of research and I think you should use this template instead:

It’s not official but I think it’s better than setting it up by yourself on the Java template.

I’m not completely sure if it works, and if it doesn’t… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I guess someone with more knowledge of Java can help you.

The template does not seem to work, even without my code. I think the java is an outdated version. Thanks for trying though.

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Well since I have nothing better to do I will see if I can set it up (with no knowledge of Java)

wish me luck, lol

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Feel free to ask me for help @QwertyQwerty88.

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Here’s the link to the Spring Initializr if you need it:

We’ve already taken a look at that, and youngchief has finished it IIRC. @youngchief send the template?

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Yeah, here’s the template:
If it works for you, could you mark my post as the solution?


Alright, I’ll see if it works.

@youngchief, The template runs correctly, but there is no output window or any way to view the website.

@youngchief Don’t fix anything with the template just yet because I am going to check if there is a step I am missing in the tutorial I am following that will set up the web view.

I already had made it? Just use my template. The webview popped up right away and it seems fully functional.

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Really? When I click the run button, all that shows up is the console.

I just noticed that replit said my RAM was maxed out when I ran the repl. Could that be the issue?

Oops, I forgot to remove something during testing. Try it now.

One thing to note is that Java is known for being resource hungry so I wouldn’t worry too much about the resources bar at the bottom left.

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@youngchief Quick question, what does Whitelabel Error Page mean? That is showing up in the webview now.