How do I see the difference between my last commit and now?

I was working on one of my projects and I was about to commit when I thought that I would double check what I changed to make sure I didn’t miss anything. After hours of searching I found nothing! I know that I can see the difference from the Replit history but that’s only for a specific point in time, not a commit. Thank you for reading this question!

Hi @Grimicron. Yeah, Replit version control features are massively lacking, so at the moment you cannot view the diff for your commit because they want to “keep it simple” for beginners or whatever which doesn’t really make sense but anyway yeah, that’s the situation. They are apparently working on their own version control system for the future but I think that’s quite a long way off. Unfortunately for the moment you’ll just have to press the commit button and hope for the best.

Or maybe have a look at this Git - git-diff Documentation

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Thank you very much! I was beginning to think I was going crazy lol.

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