How do I search for a Repl (NOT MY OWN), written in a specific language (like Java), and with a keyword in the title (like battleship)?

I am searching for a Java repl, with “battleship” (or “battle ship”) in the repl’s title, that was made in the last 3 months on Replit [dot) com. How do I search for this repl, without combing through all 22,000 repls, IN ALL POSSIBLE Replit [dot) com languages, with “battleship” in the title?

Hi @SundayScourLRCC, welcome to the community!

There’s no way to search for a specific language AFAIK, but you can search for keywords by using the Search My Repls feature.

Edit: Oh. You mentioned not your own.
In that case, go to the user’s profile and you’ll see a Search Repls option:


is this one it?


Not that one, but thank you! It was strictly a console I/O. This was for the final project for our CSC 222 class, so was just made in the last 3 months.

For the record, this was my final project for that class:
https://replit [dot] com/ [at] SundayScourLRCC/LRCC-CSC-222-Final-Project-v101-Presentation-Mode

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this one?


Apparently, the USED to be a way to search for Repls in a specific language, but 5gen they removed the feature. You can find references to it in old Talk pages on Replit [dot) com. But, like many products, such as Firefox for mobile, Replit [dot) com search seems to be jumping on the bandwagon where “New and Improved” means “Regression and Fewer Features”. And, as with most things, there’s no going back…

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But can you confirm my post answered your question and mark it as the solution?

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I still feel like it would be benifical if someone were to give a work around to finding it. although technically its answered, I feel theres a solution somewhere
I think i have one

Try this
Google or chrome has a way you can search query stuff
in this example your looking through the targeted site ( with keywords in it. change the keywords around until you get what result you need using this format: “battleship” “Java” “last 3 months”


Closer, but way too old. We were in a Spring 2023 college class.

Sure would be easier if Replit [dot) com had at least a minimally relevant search feature. And Google apparently no longer indexes recently created Repls. Must have at the request of Replit [dot) com to ensure their incompetent search was the only game in town…

It’s not looking like there will BE a correct solution to my problem, yours or anyone else’s. :frowning: I just don’t think there IS a way to search repls of a given language.

Yes, if I knew what username my classmate used for Replit [dot) com, I could easily find his Final Project repl, but that would not be a solution to finding a repl by programming language.

The problem is the class ended, without a promised listing of Final Project repls, so we could look at each other’s work. I started a job the day after classes ended, and only now have time to search, but the Canvas pages for all Spring 2023 classes are now closed, so I can’t post a message. I’ve emailed the professor, but if I were him, I might nit answer until Fall 2023. :grin:

Yup, did all that before posting here. No luck. :confused:

Aw, I’m sorry to hear this. I hope in the future you may find it.


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