How do I revert other people's changes in a repl?

so i forked a repl by @*** adding peer edits and i added him to help with the peer edits and he deleted everything and blocked me. how do i revert the changes that he did? i spent time on this and i need to eat lunch please help me

do you own the repl? if so, you can perform the methods below.
Best of luck retreiving your code.

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You can use the history button on the file that he changed. If you don’t know where it is please ask. If he deleted the files themselves you can make a new file with that exact same and it will revert to how it was.

Also sorry that this happened. :frowning:


@CityOfTabletownOhio go to the History button in your Repl. You can go back until you have your code. Hope this helps.


@python660 you can revert changes if you are invited to the Repl. You don’t necessarily need to be the owner of the Repl.


I personally have not blocked anyone, so I’m not sure if you are able to edit a repl owned by a user who blocked you

OP literally said they invited the person who blocked them after.

oh, I guess I missed that part :cry:
if thats the case, then you’re right

EDIT: did I just say a redundant statement?

I own the repl, but I decided to just make another fork because blocking is broken.