How do I reset the "mark lesson as completed" button?

I accidentally clicked the mark lesson as complete button before I had added the finishing touches.

When the new window with the share options popped up I closed it away because I wasn’t finished yet.

Now I am finished though and wish to use the “mark lesson as completed” button to share my repl with the lesson’s message, for example : (" Channelled my inner British vibes and recreated David’s favorite card game. Day 47 of [#Replit100DaysOfCode]")

…but since the lesson is already marked as complete I can not bring up the share options.

:question:If I were to copy all of my work and then delete the repl (for day 48 in this instance) and then restart day 48’s lesson, (and paste my work there.) Will I then be able to use the “mark lesson as completed” button again, or would this cause other issues?:question:

Again all I’m trying to do is just access the share message (“Channelled my inner British vibes and recreated David’s favorite card game. Day 47 of [#Replit100DaysOfCode]”) but for day 48. I can figure out the rest but I have no way of seeing day 48’s message.

Through experimentation, (I don’t know what I’m doing) I removed disabled =" " which now lets me click on the button (even though it still reads “lesson completed”)

but if I click on the button now it still doesn’t bring up the share window. - High Scores (Day48_100Days) - Replit - Google Chrome 2023-10-28 17-20-02

I also tried copying all of the code for day 49’s mark lesson as completed button and pasting it into day 48 but it still wouldn’t work.
(Again I’m just experimenting and don’t know what I’m doing.)

That should work fine.


Well that is a valid thing, you could also create a feature request to add “unsubmit” functionality to Replit.

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Thank you.
I created a throw away account to test this.
I marked the lesson as complete for day 1 and proceeded to day 2.

I then deleted my repl for day 1.

When I go to my 100 day journey I click on day 1 and now the mark lesson as complete button works again.

It also shows the share your progress message again. (Which solves my issue)
My progress in the 100 days has not been affected.

The only nitpicks I have, is that now since I’ve already completed day 2 and then restarted day 1, they appear out of order under my repls, (since they show in order by time.) And also i would lose the history of my since I’d just be copying and pasting the finished work.

Since I don’t want to lose the history of my (as I (and many others i assume) find it a valuable tool sort of like the common errors section in the tutorial to look back on my/our thinking) I’ve decided to just leave things as they are.
(Instead of using the built in share progress function I just made my own post with the link to the repl)

If the share your progress window would pop up whenever you click on the mark lesson as completed/ lesson completed button regardless of if you had already completed it. Then it would solve my issue in particular. Or another way would just to be able to bring up the share your progress window separately from the lesson completed button

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