How do I reset Flask port settings to default?

How do I reset flask port settings to default?
This is what I’m currently seeing :

This is what I want (on an alternate account) :


I had accidentally set the port to 80 instead of 81, which gave some message like “port already in use” or something. I then changed it to 81 and then started getting the Port:81 opened on {…} notification.

I cannot seem to reset it back to normal.
It’s occuring on any new repl I make whether I use the flask template or start with the python one.

It behaves the same whether I use app = Flask(__name__) or app = Flask('app')

Even forking the normal version from the different account still gives me the unwanted parts.

The console part :

is only showing

intermittently now.

1st attempt. Doesnt show
2nd attempt. Shows
3rd. Doesn’t show
4th. Shows
5th . Doesn’t show
6th. Shows
7th. Shows
8th. Shows
9th. Shows
10th. Doesn’t show
11th. Shows
12th. Shows
13th. Doesn’t show

But I still consistently get

in the webview.

Hello @vvithershins!

This is part of Replit’s new updates; I think you can remove it by toggling off your explorers role.


I toggled explorer off and then logged out and back in and it is now back to normal. Thank you.

Note that this feature will probably drop soon. You might not get very long before seeing this again.

Thanks for the info👍. I had wondered if it was maybe part of an update, but I had forgotten about explorer mode so when it behaved “normally” on the other account I made to test, I mistakenly assumed that it was a problem with my account itself.

Now that I know that it’s supposed to happen and isn’t just something I caused by mistake it’s no longer a worry.


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