How do I replicate the concept of repl.runs with Deployments

So I REALLY want to have a setup similar to the ones that repl.runs or domains used, but replit has moved to deployments, and I tried just using a reserved VM deployment for my chatbot repl, but the first input statement doesnt even work. I DO NOT want to rewrite my code to integrate it with http or flask,etc.

Repl link:

def get_response(user_input):
  user_words = user_input.split()
  matches = {}

  for response in bot_responses:
    count = 0
    for word in bot_responses[response]:
      if word in user_words:
        count += 1

    percentage_match = (count / len(bot_responses[response])) * 100
    matches[response] = percentage_match

  maxx = 0
  for keys in matches:
    if matches[keys] > maxx:
      maxx = matches[keys]
      correct_response = keys

  if maxx < 10:
    print("TaRMAC : I am sorry but I'm not able to understand")
    print("TaRMAC : ", correct_response)
    if correct_response == "Alright! I will search for flights.":
    elif correct_response == "Alright! I will search for hotels.":
    elif correct_response == "Alright! I will search for Activities.":

while True:
  user_input = input("You (ask what you need help with): ").lower() #error here

  if user_input == "bye":
    print("Bot : Goodbye, Have a nice day. ")

From what the AI suggests, I should rewrite everything, but I do not have the time to do so. If it is not possible to replicate repl.runs with deployments , what is the easiest way to host my chatbot

Welcome to the forums, @MonkeyProgram!
You can’t deploy console-based programs. Why would you need to, anyways?

Well i wanted something similar to repl.runs, where its a website where the terminal is embedded. This seemed like the only way. I need something similar to repl.runs because it was a great way to present the output, as it was just the terminal and a run button , and not many options, etc.

I can’t find anything about “repl.runs”.

Replit does not provide hosting for console-based apps.

this kind of thing. For some reason it doesnt work

Ahh, I see. That is neat. It looks like it was deprecated.

Is there any other way to do this if it isnt possible with Deployments

Not that I know of, unfortunately. Your best bet is making a flask app that runs your program.