How do i remove a git repository off my repl

i accidentally created a git repository and I don’t know how to remove it does anyone know how to remove it?

I don’t think you need to remove it. All it does is give version control. It’s a free feature.

oh so it doesnt post the git? or repl

Git on Replit does not equal Github. You can use Git by Replit or use a Github repository. Is this connected to Github? Can you rephrase your question?

i was wondering what it was and accidentally turned it on I’m not trying to connect it to github

It’s just version control AFAIK.

Should be a good thing.

Then if shouldn’t do anything negative. That just means you’re using the Git that is built-in to Replit.

If you don’t add a git remote, then it’ll just let you keep track of previous versions of your repl without depending on replit’s unreliable and buggy file history.

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oh i thought it would post it

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The git2 UI should work perfectly without a git remote. If you want to have a remote backup, you could use a git server other than github with it (e.g. or , or a gitea server on a repl).

If you want to remove the git repository for some reason in the future (e.g. if you are publically sharing a fork of the repl that you don’t want there to be history for), just run rm -rf .git/ in the shell (although doing that will permanently delete the history, so it’d probably be good to make a fork of the repl as a backup before doing that).


it didnt delete the history but it did remove the git

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