How do I protect a page on my site that I created using replit

Is there something that protects the page and does not make anyone access it, such as .htaccss and is running on the site that you created using replit because htaccss. does not work on it ?

Well, for starters, .htaccess does not exist on Replit. Creating that file will do nothing. There is a feature request that you can vote on if you want .htaccess to be a part of Replit.

If I understand correctly

you don’t want anyone to access your website? I don’t think private repls will help here. Try using Repl Authentication and making it so only users with access can use the website. This may help you: Replit auth in nodejs? - #13 by doxr Note that it is for Node.js projects.

There is also another way to make it so people can’t access your assets (not the actual webpage) using the browser.


Thank you @doxr , but I’m not a beginner and I know all this. I just wanted to know that there is a file like . htaccess runs on ripple it.

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No, there really is no file that you can use, like a .htaccess file. IIRC Replit doesn’t use Apache.


You should use a server that only serves that page after some form of authentication.

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