How do I open my Django project on Replit?

Hi Actually I’am doing a project and in my project i have to use multiple languages such as html, css, javascript, python and django(python framework). so my project is like that i have to run a python file which will run a local server and it will open the website on the local server its just that i am unable to run it on replit. If someone know the solution then please tell me.

Hey there! so I have changed this post’s title so the question is more clear to other users! so on Replit instead of local host you use and there will be a webview and you can open that in a new tab.

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Okay so if i create a new repel what language i choose django/python/ html

Use a Python template, but check if there is a Django template first.

@anotherone20 choose the Django template »

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thank you for helping its working now i din’t know which language to select.

@anotherone20 your welcome! Have a great day :grinning:!

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