How do I make schedule my repl to turn on at a specific time?

I was wondering how I can make my repl turn on at a specific time, like 5:00 pm.

Did you ever get an answer to this. Is it possible to schedule repls to publish at a specific time?

It is not. The closes thing is to use either Always On or Deployments to keep it running constantly, and have the program check the current time, then run if the time is correct. You’d have to run the program in an infinite loop.

For example, you could have an Always On Repl with the following Python code:

def main():
  # some code
while True:
  desired_time = "5:00"
  # some code to check the time
  if current_time == desired_time:

A simple timer wouldn’t work because Always On Repls do restart (they run and shut off like normal Repls, then as soon as they shut off Replit turns them back on). IIRC Deployments also restart, just very very rarely.

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Thanks. I should clarify that I am specifically looking to do this in Replit Teams for Education with a project I create for my class. I don’t want the students to see it/have access to it until a certain date & time, but was hoping to avoid having to manually publish it when I want them to see it. So maybe a better way to word my question is if there is a way to schedule when a project gets published?

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No there is not. You can make a post in Feature Requests about it.