How do i make my websockets be unblocked

So im trying to make this chatroom that uses websockets but it wont work if it is http cus it blocks it so i changed it to https and i dont think you can get the certificates for repls so im wondering if there is a way to get certificates or to just make the http version work by not getting the websocket stuff blocked

Replit automatically gives you https:// you don’t need to do things with SSL or whatever.

Edit: yeah, I see you have cert files, you don’t need them.

But why are the websocket stuff being blocked? Would it work if i just removed the things that look in the cert files?

Yeah, that should be enough. Also

could it be your firewall blocking connections or something? All I know right now is that https might be being messed up or something by those unnecessary cert files so maybe just remove them and account for them in the rest of the project (like don’t just remove the variables just saying).


Thanks that really helped me. I almost gave up when i learned about what you might have needed to add

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