How do I make my server boot faster?

Is there a way that I can make a server hosted on Replit boot faster (for free)? Sometimes I have to go in to my Repl and boot from there because the thing is stuck loading the environment or something like that and won’t just run like I think t should. Then when you try to use the website it takes forever to load because it has to boot a whole environment and then run and then host first.

I only have these problems regularly with python repls. Probably the time it takes to boot up because of the slow language is causing replit to mess up.

Yeah it’s Python Flask. Python runs so well locally and then I put it in Replit and it’s like running on a 15-year-old computer.


because that si what it is … it needs to get some boosting to have some decent timing


ikr iirc they forcefully ratelimit server recievings from replit and your local code


Yeah, it is kind of weird that Replit’s main thing is python. As it is slow, and not good for the small machines that repls are. I recommend compiling your python code before, and setting the run config to run the compiled version.


Tip my Repl please to solve the problem. :pray:
I’ll mark this as solved if you give me enough cycles.

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I really don’t know how to do that at all.

1 Like Run the CLI, with follow imports, and it should compile it.


Good try :slight_smile: … i hate this char limit i need to add useless text to post the comment and force you to read it

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Okay when I try that I’ll be back asking what I did wrong. Thanks for the help!


how much tip you need … come on, you are a champ here so you never know

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This is maxing out my CPU and RAM on my Repl. I hope it still works. Once finished, how do I use my compiled code?

Yeah, it does that

Just run ./<output file name>.

I should have deleted the unnecessary stuff from poetry.lock because it’s taking quite awhile compiling useless stuff.

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I invited you to the Repl because I am getting nowhere. I finished compiling and I have no one file to run.

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