How do I make HTML emails

So I would like to create a marketing email using programming, so I would need a background and other elements with CSS.

How would I do this in Gmail?

I did research and I guess there used to be an “insert HTML” button, but I cannot find that anywhere.



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If you want to send an email manually with HTML, basically you just have to write an HTML file and then go to the webpage and press Ctrl + A to select all of it, and then paste it into Gmail. (not sure if it will retain styles but it might)

If you mean, programmatically send an email with HTML embedded, then, if you’re using MailApp in Google Apps Script, you can pass an html value into the advanced options. (But reading your topic a bit more, it appears that you’re thinking more of the first thing.) (But this is honestly probably how all the newsletter platforms and stuff can send it with styles.)


@MilesWK @boston2029 In fact I’ve made a GMail App (bc i had the exact same need!) which lets you do this:

GAS LINK: Apps Script – Google Apps Script

Tutorial part 1 (REQUIRED): Screen Recording 2023-12-03 at 11.21.59 - Google Drive
How to set it up

Tutorial part 2:

Open up gmail and then create a new email draft

Screenshot 2023-12-03 at 11.27.49 PM
click on the little coding icon

enter html then click insert

Congrats! you did it!


Wow good job, this is actually great!

@MilesWK I think you can mark this solution. Looks like a really good and working thing and stuff lol

Edit: Well your GAS link isnt working


Edit 2: Nevermind, you need to be logged in to Google.

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You can’t mark Solutions in General . (But you can move the topic, mark the solution, then move it back. cough cough[1])

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It seems to work for me.

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You’re able to get into the project?

Edit: Nevermind, you need to be logged in to Google.

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Wow! This was awesome! I would mark it as solution for sure, but SOMEONE already did. SO GOOD WORK!

I like that you went to the trouble to do this. now it works on mine.

I double checked all the code to make sure you or someone else wasn’t stealing personal information (and they were not. )

Again, thank you soooo much!


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