How do I make a Siri chat bot game?

I have been wanting to make a chat bot for a long time, I’ve looked at ReplitAsk stuff about it but it never worked, so how do you make a chat bot game?

thx for your help

@MiloCat do you know how?

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Be clear: are you asking how to make a game or chatbot? (And what’s Siri go to do with it?)
Anyway, if you’re making a chatbot, keep in mind it takes a LOT of time and effort. At its most basic form (IMO) it can be a collection of many labeled articles and/or conversation data, then when a user shoots it a prompt, an algorithm will identify specific things about the prompt and using the data from the articles and/or conversation data it will predict what the next best word to add to the response is. Then it responds.


Do you mean using ai?

yeah, pretty much. . .

Well you could look at the official docs on, after signing up to OpenAI using (requires a phone number) and then using your free API tokens.

OpenAI requires an API key which requires money, so it really doesn’t work (for you)
cc @MiloCat

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No? You can get API keys for free…

Doesn’t using the API key or something require money? I’m pretty sure some part of the system requires money…

Yeah I think you only get a few free ones then you need to pay.

You have 20$’s worth of free tokens, which expire in 2 months, unless you use them before, and after that you have to pay.

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