How do i make a service in bounties

i see there are “top creators” that offer services in bounties. how do i post one ? if there isnt an answer, that’s pretty much censorship

?? censorship?, my guy please come back to reality for a moment. It’s called they are testing it and being upfront that they frankly don’t (and shouldn’t) trust literally anyone to make a service while they are still trying to convince everyone that these are worth it. Basically, no you cannot make one yet because they aren’t letting anyone who’s not curated make one yet

listen, I’m not saying I love replit, to be completely honest I basically h*te it, but this is normal business decision, so please only blame replit for the actually bad business decisions.


I think Ajh was just tryna say that the bounty system as a whole is extremely unfair and pay to win.


mmm, that’s fair I believe that too but don’t call it censorship if they just have a beta ver lol


what? pay to win?

  1. What are we winning here?
  2. Do you mean like the hunter has to pay for private Repls, boosted Repls, etc? Or do you mean the poster has to pay? because that’s the entire point.