How do i make a roblox bot with python?

where is the author ask button?

send me screenshot of the button

No clue, ask what other do.

well anyone else know how to do it?

also guys the bot game is up now and working

Well i guess can someone tell me how to make a python bot on replit for my roblox game?

I don’t think you should do that because it’s against the terms of service

again i prooved that it is not
here is a game that does that: Controllable Roblox Bot - Roblox

This game does violate the Roblox ToS, not because of the bot but because they don’t like computer sharescreening in-game
(The game is privated now, probably because the group/publisher doesn’t want to be terminated)


if you search hard enough on the Roblox Devforum, you can find a tutorial how to do the screensharing. but with controlling the keyboard, it is just a flask post server that presses the key with pynput or smth. u just PostAsync it on roblox with the key you want to use. I own the game btw and it is not against TOS.

can u send a dev post of it on roblox?

here. i’m sure you can make it better yourself.