How do i make a roblox bot with python?

i was wondering how to do this

What exactly do you mean by “make a roblox bot”?


like allow someone to control my alt account on roblox and how to allow the user to send messages and stuff

That is most certainly against Roblox’s TOS, and I would prefer not to assist.

in roblox, there is a game called “Controllable roblox bot” that has not been moderated yet on roblox

Wait, are you talking about in-game or out-of-game bot?

what do you mean? i dont really understand in gmae or out game

Are you attempting to create a bot for a game or for use outside of a game?

Outside to allow the user to join any game

Making a bot that can enter games for a user is clearly against the TOS. :sob:

Then how is the game “controllable Roblox bot” not banned on roblox because it can join any server

Please explain what you’re talking about.

I will send the Roblox link to the game you can play it and it will allow you to control a bot but it may be down right now like yesterday

Controllable Roblox Bot - Roblox There it is

It is still down and just search up a YouTube video for it and you’ll see

Did you try it ask the author as the page says nothing or nothing.

I don’t think it’s against TOS depending on what it’s used for… but nonetheless this would seem very complicated to make.

Now will somebody tell me how to do it?

And what do you mean by that

Look at the link you shared, it has an author ask help there.