How Do I make a coding language?

I’m wondering: how do I make a coding language?
And I’m not talking about some fake coding language built off another one
I’m talking about a language like HTML or Java or something like that
So guys please help me

I’ve read a bunch of articles on how to do it myself, and I still haven’t really gotten anywhere but I hope this may help.


what do you mean by fake? Python is written in C. programming languages make the programming langauges.

C was based on CPL (Combined Programming Language) , which had been first condensed into the B programming language—a stripped-down computer programming language—created in 1969–70 by Ken Thompson, an American computer scientist and a colleague of Ritchie.

And CPL was built from Algol 60

And here’s a link to the wiki for what ALGOL is: ALGOL - Wikipedia

And ALGOL was the first langauge to machine independant, there were still others before ALGOL.

It goes down a long list of programming languages. Each level down of interpretation makes it harder and harder to make a programming language, because then you have to program the parser, ast, or anything you’ll use to make it.


@DefendyPug Do you know any way I can use Algol 60 to make a coding language? Also I want to make a coding langauge that displays stuff like HTML or Swift.

Please will someone help?

If you don’t want to do some complicated stuff, I recommend using something like C or Python to build a programming language. Unfortunately, I do not know how to make a programming language, but there are some videos about making programming languages, and I’ve followed part of one already. Also, popular programming languages are made using other programming languages, and there is no such thing as a fake programming language.

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