How do i make a backround for my website

please help the backround sucks so much

Actually idt it’s a good idea to make a background for website. There are many websites to download free images you can use, or if you like. If you want a gradient background is for that.

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If your ptoblem is rather setting background, I recommend linking your repl so that we can help you.

Could you provide a link to the Repl?

here is the website

you might have wanted this sorry if its the wrong one btw

You’ve set background just fine, I don’t see any problems there.

One more point:
I see what you’re making is a proxy. But according to replit tos(section 4. Prohibited section, point 24) proxies are against replit tos, so I would recommend not to create one as it might get you in trouble.

i just stole it from my friend
also i want a different background that what i meant

Change background-image property to the url you want as background. If you want to learn further I recommend reading basics about css and this one doesn’t seem like a beginner friendly project to play around when you’re starting to learn. A simple frontend(specially by bookie0) are great if you’re really into learning.

Other then that if you’re here not to learn but just use proxy instead sorry I can’t help you. Resourse for learning basic css:

Last thing, I searched for the source proxy and it seems like it’s really popular and wasn’t taken down so may be not a problem until you don’t publish. But don’t count on me and confirm before using it.(though likely my this nessage might get ignored…)