How do I know if my template gets approved?

I created this template and I have waited for quite a while, but it doesn’t appear in the Templates page, even if I search its name there.
Does anyone know how long until it gets approved and how do I know when it gets approved?
At the moment, I’m checking a few times a week to see if it has been approved.

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it is approved now.

Maybe a notification once it gets approved? perhaps move to a feature request?

(not TL3 anymore lol)

EDIT: I realized that it was a template, but not an official one. lol I didn’t know

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It has to be approved by Ray.
But apparently they’re not promoting templates anymore. (because of the new system)

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That’s promoting, not approving.
@python660 There could be notifications, idk.

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Well all you gotta do is press the Submit As Template button

Well, I did but nothing’s happened.

What does approving even mean anyway? (in Replit)

to have a template be approved means that it will show up in the “create repl” modal

all of these are templates

that’s the same thing as getting a template promoted

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Ok, when you say ‘promoted’ do you mean it to be advertised, or promoted to a template from a repl?

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I mean that it’s an official template and that it’s in the “Create a Repl” thingy

They really need to update the template creation UI; it’s been misleading even since before they stopped accepting promotions entirely :stopwatch:

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