How do I import the 3 sets of grades?

# More fun with Test Grades
# DO NOT MODIFY. Required for assignment
from extra import get_grades
grades = get_grades()

# run this code first before beginning to see the results of the 3 test cases
# begin coding here
grades = get_grades 

Welcome to the forums, @BrendaGalbreath!

You should not be posting your school/uni assignments to this forum. It’s not right to expect others to do the work for you and your tutor will not understand how to help you if you are submitting work from someone else. It is against our policy here.

Please feel free to post questions that will help you understand the building blocks of programs, but don’t post tasks again.

If I could find a tutor, I wouldn’t ask for help here. So, thank you for your input to add to my already frustrating day while trying to learn this basically on my own.

We can assist you in understanding your problem if you give us specific elements that aren’t working, but we cannot provide the solution for you.

Hi @BrendaGalbreath !
Could you share the link to the repl?