How do I get replit to interpret instead of run

Hi, new to coding.

How do I get the below cirlced “Run” to say “Interpreter”?

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I don’t believe you can change that. May I ask why are you wanting it to say Interpreter? The run text is to indicate it’s the area where your code is ran and shown to you.

I am watching training videos and when I put functions in file editor on the left half of the screen and click run it does not give me back anything but when I use the below training repl it shows “interpret” and lets me do what I want.

Oh, the 100DoC repls are older. Maybe that’s why.

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Thanks, that makes sense. Would you know why I am not seeing anything in console when I click run for the below. It doesn’t even give me the arrow.

Ah, this is because you have defined the function, but never called it to run the function.
Add this on line 3, unindented:

is_jack_one() #Put the dict in the brackets
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Like this?


To be able to type code in the Console after the program has finished, like you can in 100 Days of Code, do this:
Click three dots near files and Show hidden files.
Open .replit file. At the top, add this line:

run = ["python", "-i", ""]

(Alternatively, you could run your program with ‘interpreting’ by typing python -i in the Shell.)


Alternatively, you can use the Python (with Prybar) template.


Thanks, this helped


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