How do i get people to see my project?

I am pretty new to replit and ive recently made a simple computer thing on c++, but people don’t really find my repl anywhere, is there a way for people to check out what im making?

Share it on this forum in Showcase !


You can also use the Publish button in the editor dropdown when clicking on the repl name, or share the cover page link.


Hi @TiranDev !
Note that others will have to fork your repl to run it, so if people want to try your repl, they will have to make an account if they don’t already have one.


Thanks, so how do i make it so that its not required to fork? @NateDhaliwal

You can’t, Replit changed it so that forking is a must.

Geez :sweat_smile: i guess it will be much harder for my project to be seen… Ill still keep developing it tho.


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