How do I get my repls likes in python

Hello, I am planning to get my repls like count, but I can’t find a way. The only examples I saw so far were node js. I am using flask and I am planning to make it so every like increases a timer.

Is there any way I can achieve this with any API or other method?

I have a Python implementation of @PikachuB2005’s Node.JS example, which i made for @AndrewDeng3. I’ll send a link shortly.

EDIT: it seems that Replit has modified their API, so now the program doesn’t work. I’ll fix it soon, and post the result here.

EDIT2: I’m too tired to go through pikachu’s repl; feel free to rescue it yourself:

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Could I maybe web scrape my repls cover page to see likes (I dont know if thks is against tos or not)

unfortunately, it is against the ToS to scrape any part of Replit. (surprising, imo, for a hacker-ish company)

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Huh? I don’t think I have a node repl to pull likes…

sorry, i meant Pikachu’s :sweat_smile:

do you know other queries I could use, I noticed a variable called query

Yeah they broke it lol
But it’s not there for us to use in the first place, so :person_shrugging: