How do I get my own website URL to make my website look more official?

How can I customize my website URL?
I have been creating a website, and, I am adding the final details, but I want to customize my URL, because my current URL is way too long and has a bunch of numbers. can anyone help?

Hi @abdurraheemsha1 , welcome to the forums!
You will need to deploy your repl to connect a custom domain, and make it available to everyone. The current url will only work if you are running the repl in the editor.


well, that is sad, cuz I can’t spend money…

I am poor…

fine, normal url it is…

Does your repl have a backend like Flask or Express? Or is it a pure HTML/CSS site?

it is a python flask website, using html and css aswell

But unfortunately:

No one else can see the website, only you, or if you invite people to your repl.

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oh, ok, then I guess it is fine, I mean, I am only doing this to learn python anyways.

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