How do i get free hacker pack

I’m using a github student account, why can’t I get a free hacker package like everyone else

That feature is no longer avaliable. I’m sorry.


This feature is no longer available. And if I am right, You only get free unlimited private repls for 3 months

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Dang, that feels sad. Is it because there were too many students or did Replit want fewer people with Hacker?

I don’t know.
by the way, its actually free unlimited private repls for 6 months (I said 3 months),
You can get it in

You should be able to get a free plan for a year if you have github students and link it to replit!

Hey @devnguyenit11!

Unfortunately, you no longer get Hacker with the Github Student Plan. You now get 6 months of free private Repls as said in this post:


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