How do I fix you can't run this replit right now

How do I fix: You can’t run this replit right now

Is it a proxy/unblocker? If so they are against the TOS and that is probably why.

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most likely violated replit’s tos is it a proxy or unblocker?

Could be the same issue as this

Not necessarily breaking the TOS, it is just a common issue with Repls. Just wait for a while and it should be good to go.

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When I get that, I just try forking the Repl seems to work for me

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like i do have the same issue but if I can I type in the shell kill 1 and it fixes it


'kill 1’fixed it for me as well!

Hi there, I just want to clarify: did the message go away, which allowed you to enter kill 1?

No. I waited awhile then when I could use the editor again I used it repeatedly.

This continues to plague me though. I recant my statement: 'kill 1’fixed it for me as well!

I know I’m late to answer, but your repl could have violated the terms. So, I’ll be adding on to what other people have said to help future problems like this.

Yes, unblockers are 100% not allowed as defined in Replit’s TOS. However, it also states that some proxies are allowed, as long as they are not used to circumvent restriction measures.

  1. Use the Service to create a proxy with the purpose of circumventing any firewall or other access control measure;

There are also other common reasons that your repl doesn’t work (once again, the culprit being TOS). Such as:

  • Usage of “robots”, “spiders”, or “offline readers” that access Replit faster than a human can with a conventional browser. (Firefox, Chrome, etc.) [4.14]
  • Using Replit to make denial-of-service attacks or tamper other sites, services, or people. [4.12]
  • Using content that infringes a third party’s rights (e.g., copyright) according to applicable law; [5.1]
  • or using Replit to mine cryptocurrencies, or Cycles; [4.14]

(Learn more about the Replit TOS)

Hope this helps! :upside_down_face:

You actually don’t get this error message if your Repl is a proxy.