How do I fix this lag?

Im remaking a roblox game called pm 6:06 with ray casting i found tutorials to get the engine working but its very laggy and i cant find out how to fix it. Does anybody know how?

This is the replit

Try reducing the render distance to 20 or 30 to see if it improves performance.
You can do that by adjusting the distance in your file

c = e.Constants(render_distance=50)

Try to reduce the number of rays too

def init(self, window_size=(1515, 793), rays=1000, fov=95, texture_resolution=256, render_distance=10):

Put something like 400 or 600. You may lost a bit of visual quality but I think that’s irrelevant for a robox game.

Maybe you can Use PyPy instead of CPython. There is a article here explaining why PyPy is better than CPython
What is PyPy? Faster Python without pain | InfoWorld.

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Alright thanks this helped some but I still cant find out how to use PyPy with it

I suggest reading their documentation before using it.


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