How do i fix the error "repl died unexpectedly

i rlly need ur guys help on this i have an assignment in 2 days

Unfortunately we cant help you with just saying its broken. Can you please provide more info?


so when i click run it tries to run it but then says repl process died

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Can you send us the Repl link?


@JackKayser1 there’ll be a bug in your code that causes the program to quit.

1 Like here is the link u asked for

It’s working fine for me:

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its fixed i just had a wrong indent

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guys it has broken again

go to the link to check it

i need help to edit it

You’re getting an indentation error because you did not indent the if statement

To fix just add a pass in between the ifs:

if event.type == pygame.KEYDOWN:
if myOtherRect.collidepoint(pos):

can you tell me your user