How do I fix a really broken Repl?

This is more curiosity than necessity. I have a Repl which I installed some things on (I don’t even remember what) and now it uses <90% vCPU when it’s not even able to load the Nix environment. Needless to say, it doesn’t run. I’m just curious if there’s a way to fix it. No big deal if not as it has nothing of value anyway.
Here is the broken Repl. I was testing stuff… anything I wanted to… and it broke.

I would also love to know this, have multiple repls that pull ridiculously high CPU for now good reason, and I haven’t even installed anything in them.

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Loading Nix environment… Please wait until the sun explodes.

I’m pretty sure that’s because some of your runner files got corrupted try copy pasting it into a new repl

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I think it is corrupted. Thanks for the help but the files are useless so copy/pasting isn’t worth it.

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I can’t wait that long. Five billion years is too much.